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Garden Camera app

Stick out your green thumb because it's time to hitch a ride to the garden tech future. Introducing your time-traveling companion, Garden Camera! She uses the storytelling power of time-lapse photography and frame x frame animation to let you witness the stretching, bending, branching, and fruiting of your plants, flowers, containers, gardens, and yards! There's no setup, expensive professional rigs, tripods, waterproofing, or other objects that your neighborhood squirrel may use as a launchpad. Just line up each shot with the overlay tool, shoot, and in a few days, weeks, or months, export a spectacular growth video rake in those likes, comments, and shares.

*insert trowel drop here*

Create some image collections by snapping a few pictures of your plants, flowers, containers, gardens, and full sections of your yard. Then every few days, take another picture with the overlay tool to match the orientation of the original pic. Like a cartoon animator, the overlay tool acts like a lightbox so you can line up each photo you take with the previous photo. Once you have a few photos, hit play and watch your plants and flowers bloom before your eyes! When it's time to post progress, tap on the triple dots to save or share a time-lapse video to your device library or on your favorite gardening social media channels. It is super fun and you'll be wishing you had it even earlier in the growing season.


  • Create any number of plant photo collections
  • Easily add new photos over time using the in-app camera
  • Show/Hide an overlay of your last photo so that each new photo lines up precisely with the last one you took
  • Toggle text overlays to show the date each photo was taken
  • Toggle the slide number to keep track of those looping videos
  • Easily export videos to your device library
  • Share square videos to your social media channels
  • All photos automatically get placed in an album on your device